Guillaume Smit

Design Director of Guillaume Clothing - Chef and Restaurateur by trade - was placed in a very difficult position when his father became ill and the burden to dress his father fell on his shoulders along with that of his mother Elba. His father VanDyk Smit became ill with cancer and was bedridden for months before he sadly passed away. In that time VanDyk received many visitors and it was always an embarrassment for him not to be clothed to receive these visitors in a half naked state.

Elba, VanDyk's wife and mother to Guillaume tried in vain to find clothing that would be suitable and which would allow him the dignity as he was full of drainage pipes. Later this became a race in time as a catheter and drainage pipes, heart machine etc made it difficult for him to be fully clothed. Normal clothing could not accommodated any of this.  After VanDyk passed away, Guillaume and his mother Elba realised that there must be many people going through the same experience and vowed to make a change if possible. Guillaume  became passionate about helping others in similar positions, hence the birth of Guillaume Smit Clothing in remembrance of VanDyk Smit.

Priscilla Meintjes

(Cilla) Business Development Director for Guillaume Clothing has a background in HR,  Training , Entrepreneur development and owner of Artist's Retreat B&B and Ruby Rembrandt Gallery - Was introduced to Elba and Guillaume Smit when she first purchased her home from Elba in 2001. Consequently became firm friends with the family and a firm support system to Guillaume and Elba during the sad time of VanDyks's illness.

After VanDyk passed on, Guillaume approached Cilla to assist in the business idea of Guillaume Clothing. Extensive research with Elba and Guillaume realised the absolute need for a  product for adults and children and Cilla has since  been closely  involved with the development and the total Project.

Paul Erasmus

Business Development Director Eastern Cape Region -  Owner of several business ventures, of which Wannadoo CC and Tarentaalbos farm are important key business ventures.  Paul is a true Entrepreneur and Artist invested in Guillaume Clothing through association with co-director Cilla Meintjes for several years  and shared her passion for this project from the moment it was  discussed.   Paul's first love has always been to create  and he has always been passionate about charity. I quote "something in our roots maybe as my late mom was very involved in The Red Cross and Child Welfare".

Paul has  been an active supporter of the SPCA from as long as could remember and to date still very involved in various fund raising projects. I.e. through association with the George Woodworkers Club and via  Ulysses Motorcycle Club including schools for Cerebral Palsied learning , care of the old aged , HIV/AIDS and those with disablement. Paul has had first hand experience with Cerebral Palsy and deafness in thier family and when one deals and learns to handle situations first hand it is natural that a passion develops.  On a very personal level he would do anything anywhere to alleviate the suffering of people and especially children and the defenseless.  "Cilla and I certainly “bonded” on these issues and set about ,initially , developing eco products to compliment and become a line extensions of the clothing range.

Amanda Shand

Financial Director of Guillaume Clothing and Business owner of Amurelia Self catering business has a long history in financial institutions and had been involved in the Spur group as accountant for many years prior to that in the family farming business her husband owned. Amanda makes sure that all run smoothly in the finance department of this business.

Amanda herself went through a very painful time when her late husband also got cancer and she was placed in the same dilemma as that of Guillaume father and Elba's husband.  She can relate first hand at how difficult it was to dress her husband and to afford him the dignity in the later stage of his illness of being able to cloth him properly while he received many visitors.

Grant Perry

Director of CMT Production - Owner of Velddrif  CMT Clothing - Grant has been involved in the clothing industry for 40 years and bring solid expertise regarding the manufacturing of Guillaume Smit Clothing and adheres to strict quality control in the manufacturing of the  clothing.  Velddrif clothing  was established  nine years ago and is involved in the CMT of clothing for many large select chain stores.

Grant has worked very closely with the founder members in  the development of the most comfortable garments originally designed by Guillaume Smit when faced with the dire task or clothing his father during his illness. Guillaume Smit clothing is close to his heart due to personal reasons and he was keen to assist in the development of this special needs line of clothing. Grant will be implementing the children's range soon.


This allows wearer to be totally clothed throughout the hospitalisation process while allowing room for drips and monitors to be added with ease.


This allows the wearer to be clothed in 100% pure cotton which breaths.


Clothing can be worn for leisure after hospitalisation. Comes in three practical shades for men and women.