Crew Neck T Shirt – Open Top and Side seams


The T Shirt can be worn with the short pants to make a leisure suit or just over a normal jean or slacks.  Can also be worn in normal dress wear and is super comfortable.

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The T-shirt is designed for maximum comfort to be worn by men and women.  Starting at Size Small – Extra large and is available in Navy, Grey and Pink.  The seams are open at the top and on the sides which will assist with the dressing of a person that is unable to get up.  The loose back section of the T Shirt is rolled under the person and then the top section is clipped onto the bottom section on the sides.  This enable all persons to be fully clothed at all times no matter what the situation happens to be. The open seams allow for various heart machines, drip lines, blood pressure systems to be working without the patient being in any way unclothed.  Shoulder operations is a breeze as the patient can only have the side open that has the operation. Thus instilling dignity while in a difficult situation.  The wearer can then use the clothing as normal clothing afterward.

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Large, Medium, Small, x-Large


Grey, Navi, Pink


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